The Mewis Duct® is a novel hydrodynamic Energy-Saving Device for full form and slow speed vessels like tankers and bulk carriers.

The design goal of the Mewis Duct® in comparison to other ESDs is to improve two fully independent loss sources, which are:

  • Losses in the ship’s wake via the duct
  • Rotational losses in the slipstream via the fins

In addition the installation of the MD leads to positive effects with propeller cavitation, yaw stability and rpm-stability in a seaway.

The realistic possible power reduction lies between 3 and 8 %. The average power reduction amounts to 6.2 % after more than 200 model test series in 13 different towing tanks. This means reduction of CO2 and SOX to the same extent, as the power reduction.

For more information see the publication No 51.

Short history:

  • March 2008: patent pending
  • September 2008: first model test
  • September 2009: first installation in full scale
  • September 2010: 50 MDs are sold
  • October 2013: the 500th MD has been sold
  • December 2015: the 1000th MD has been sold

Becker Marine Systems in Hamburg is marketing and selling the Mewis Duct® exclusively.
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