The shipping world was extremely influenced by the so called oil crisis at the beginning of the 1980th. In that time all over the world new ideas for reducing the oil consumption of ships were developed.

One of these ideas was the so called SVA Fin-System, a hydrodynamic Energy-Saving Device. The inventor was Dr Hans-Erhard Peters; I was involved in the improvement and optimisation only.

The design goal of the SVA Fin-System is the reduction of the

  • Rotational losses in the slipstream via the fin
  • Partially reduction of losses in the ships wake via special fin design

The realistic possible power reduction lies between 2 and 4 %.

The SVA Fin-System has realised in full scale at the Container Vessel Type SATURN. The proved power reduction was about 4 to 5 % in full scale; in model scale were 2.6 % power reduction measured at 21 kts. For more information see the publication No. 10.

Short history:

  • 1984: first ideas to a novel fin system by Dr Peters
  • 1985: first model tests
  • February 1986: patent pending
  • 1987: first realisation in full scale
  • 1987 to 1989: altogether 5 realisations in full scale